Leonardo DiCaprio warns that we have only 9 years to counteract climate change

Last December, the Adam McKay comedy Don’t Look Up – premiered on Netflix. 74%, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, about a 10km asteroid about to hit Earth; Although the two protagonist scientists try to warn the president of the United States (Meryl Streep), she does not want to rush things, so the characters of DiCaprio and Lawrence take the news to the media, but they are not taken seriously. Finally, due to the ambition of the richest man in the world and corrupt governments, the asteroid hits the planet and causes a mass extinction, will this happen in real life? Maybe yes, and not because of an object from outer space, but because of global warming, according to the actor Leonardo Dicaprio.

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For several decades, people have been warning about the dangers of global warming, but the public only seems to take the problem into account when it is put into a movie, as happened with the disaster film The Day After Tomorrow – 45%, the documentary An Inconvenient Truth, by Al Gore, and the most recent don’t look up, which although it is about a 10 km asteroid coming straight towards Earth, is a clear allegory of the danger of global warming, the uselessness and blindness of politicians, and the consequences of the excessive ambition of the richest.

In interview with dead line, DiCaprio spoke about his career as an actor and environmental activist, since many already know that one of his great concerns is the future of the planet, as he announced in his Oscar acceptance speech in 2016, after winning in the category Best Actor for Revenant: The Revenant – 82%:

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I have had two great passions in my life. That has been taking action, and protecting the natural world and spreading the message about the climate crisis. I have a foundation for 20 years. I have to go to Glasgow. I got to see world leaders make some pretty big commitments, but just like in this movie, there’s a ticking clock. I think there is a global sense of anxiety that the powers that be, the private sector, the governments, are not making the transition fast enough. We literally have a nine year window.

According to, don’t look up is not very far from reality, because just as the characters in the movie had six months to stop the asteroid, in real life we ​​only have nine years, in which individuals must do their part, but it will not be enough if the big companies do not do something too:

And there was also, you know, a period of time where people and consumers were forced to recycle and buy hybrid cars and make changes in their own lives, which is incredibly important. But when you really start to break this down, there are 100 companies that produce 70 percent of the world’s emissions. There are massive industries that are polluting our atmosphere, and the private sector needs to step up. Our governments, the governments of the world, must work together as a community species and we must evolve as a species to address this problem.

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