Keanu Reeves draws the colors to the rest of Hollywood stars

Keanu Reeves he is an exceptional actor. We are not only talking about a personality with an enviable filmography that includes titles like Matrix, John Wick, Speed: Maximum powerto, Bram Stoker’s Dracula or They call him Bodhi, but we were before a star of immense solidarity very unusual in Hollywood. Despite the fact that from the outside he may seem like another successful actor who adds large sums of money, lives a full life and walks with few worries, the truth is that Reeves is closer to an individual than we can imagine. In fact, he never stops proving to be an admirable person who he is even ashamed of the money he earns.

  Keanu Reeves at an event in Los Angeles in 2019 (Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for LACMA)

Keanu Reeves at an event in Los Angeles in 2019 (Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for LACMA)

This has been told by sources close to Reeves to Page Six, who point out that Reeves “he’s a bit embarrassed” of obtaining amounts of money that, according to estimates, are above 315 million dollars. “Keanu has given away a lot of money and done a lot more for people than most will ever know,” said a friend of his family. “He knows how lucky he is. Unlike many Hollywood megastars, he never takes any of this for granted.” said a friend of his family.

And it is that Reeves brings out the colors in the rest of Hollywood with actions that not too many stars in the industry are willing to do consistently. And we only have to refer to the treatment and affection that he gives to each member of the team of each of his films or his commitment to the fight against cancer. For example, as soon as the shooting of john wick 4, which will be released in theaters next 2023, the actor presented Rolex Submariner watches, valued at $10,000, to the production stunt team as a thank you for their hard work. In addition, during the recording of said film, Reeves insisted on helping organize the set by moving material, a job that he did not have to do.

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As Page Six collects through different sources, Hollywood producers are very grateful to the actor for his commitment, good work and solidarity with the people he works with. “Keanu is not recognized enough for his generosity”, points out a Hollywood producer referring to when Reeves offered $20,000 to a stage builder from Matrix that he was having financial problems. Because this facet of the actor does not come from now, but has spent his entire career performing these admirable actions. In fact, also during the recordings of the Matrix saga, he even gave Harley-Davidson motorcycles to each of the 12 specialists who had worked hard on the set. And more importantly, he donated a large percentage of his salary to cancer research.

This supportive side of Keanu Reeves finds its explanation in the fact that the actor has not had an easy life. First, his father abandoned his family when he was little after being jailed for two years for drug possession. Later, in the 1990s, his little sister Kim was diagnosed with leukemia and led the actor to throw himself into his battle against the disease, leading him to donate millions to associations and hospitals, to create his own charity and to carry out actions such as auctioning virtual dates with him and using the money for humanitarian struggles, as he did in 2020 to raise money for the cancer organization Camp Rainbow Gold.

In addition, Reeves was also devastated in 1993 when River Phoenix, his My Private Idaho co-star and close friend, died of a drug overdose. and the same after the death in an accident of his ex-partner Jennifer Syme, from which he distanced himself in 1999 after not overcoming the pain of the premature death of his daughter Ava. Despite his fame and success, personal problems have made him a person who is very aware of the conflicts and difficulties that they address each of the human beings with whom they have come across in their lives. Hence his constant commitment, help and solidarity with each and every one of the people with whom he works. And this has also benefited him in his professional life.

“Trust me, specialists are dying to work with Keanu”another Hollywood source told The Post. “Not only for the gifts. It’s because he takes them very seriously and gives them credit for helping to contribute to his success.” And the same point casting directors. “The reason Keanu starred in 60 movies is that in addition to audiences, directors love him, co-stars love him, crews love him.. He is always prepared, always on time. He is considerate, communicative and affectionate: there is no one whose name he does not know or with whom he has not had a conversation, ”he clarified.

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