Julio César Chávez Jr aired that his father beat him and his mother

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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. he once again asked for respect for his private life, although on this occasion made him annoying like few times, with a strong message against his father, from whom he remembered part of the bad times they lived together, and even pointed to his brothers Nicole and Christian.

Tired of the comments that the Mexican boxing legend has made against him, Julito attacked him, without hiding the resentment he has: first he pointed out that “he consumed more things than me”, and later relived the family violence he suffered.

I’ve tried to make the passes with my dad, I listen to him and everything, but… I’ve tried, but he listens to a lot of people who don’t like him, even though they respect him because they love him a lot or because he’s a great athlete,” he said in his Instargam stories.

“Athlete and what they want, but how did he behave with us, with my family when he was young? Wrong. He hit us, he hit my mom. We already forgive him, but now what does he say, that I am worse than him?

What did he say about his brothers?

Julito this time also revealed some problems that his brothers are experiencing Nicole and Cristian, who live with the champion in Tijuana, since he aired part of his way of life.

My brothers have been drinking every weekend for five years and they are not interned, but what happens? that they don’t generate anything, that’s why they don’t do it,” he added.

He complemented by pointing out that he is not going to let himself or stop supporting him and that he will try to keep him away from those “rats”, although he did not make it clear to whom he was referring.


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