In Tampa Bay, Bruce Arians fined for hitting his own player

The Buccaneers head coach hit Andrew Adams’ helmet with an open hand to prevent the Buccaneers from being penalized

TAMPA — The head coach of the Tampa Bay BuccaneersBruce Arians, has been fined $50,000 for the NFL for hitting the safety’s helmet Andrew Adams during the game of Wild Card Round in front of the philadelphia eagles on Sunday, a source confirmed to ESPN.

arians tried to move to adams, who was trying to get a player out of the huddle after a fumble from Jalen Reagor in a clearance, which would have caused a handkerchief. was seen to arians hitting the helmet adams with the open hand, and then pushing it with the elbow.

adams he was not penalized on the play.

A source told ESPN that the note to arians explained that he displayed “conduct directed at your players that fell below the standard expected of a head coach of the NFL“.

NFL Network first reported the fine.

Last month, the then head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Urban Meyer, came under scrutiny when the team’s former kicker, Josh Lamb, told the Tampa Bay Times that Meyer had kicked him during warm-ups at a practice. Mayer he was fired the next day, but it was for a series of incidents.

TO arians He was asked Monday if he regretted physical contact on his player.

“No,” he replied arians. “I’ve seen enough bullshit. You can’t get players out of the huddle. You just made a big play, great field position, and he’s trying to get a guy out of there and I was trying to get him out of there so I don’t get penalized.”

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