In Cruz Azul they exploit other qualities of Charly Rodríguez

Leaving Rayados to go to Cruz Azul was not an easy thing for Carlos Rodriguez, because his dream was not to go to another Liga MX team, but to Europe, as revealed by the coach elisha aceves, the soccer dad from Charlie, who is convinced thatand it was a mistake of Monterrey negotiating one of his best youth squads, who now with two annotations shines with The Machine as a scorer.

Rodríguez scored against Tijuana and Juárez, helping his new team add two wins and showed his happiness on the field. For this reason, Aceves assures that Charly has already overcome that pain you felt let to scratched Y hope next saturday On his pupil’s return to the Iron Giant, heand make a goal to the gang, “so Javier Aguirre can see what he let go”.

“It was a dream debut, I also enjoyed it… seeing that happiness, It was hard for him to leave Rayados, I know it made him sadIf he left Rayados, he wanted to go to Europe, going to another Liga MX team was not his dream, but he’s over it“He mentioned in an interview with Mediotiempo.

“It hurt him to leave Rayados, but andhe he is a professional player, he has to make him win wherever he is, be with the shirt that is. Cruz Azul against Monterrey is going to be a Classic for him, I’m going to be divided. If he scores a goal against Rayados no way, then it costs AguirreandLet him see what he let go, I don’t deny that Romo is a good player, but for me Charly is better,” said Aceves, although he considers that the two were able to play together without any problem at Monterrey.

In Cruz Azul awakens other qualities

Rodríguez shines with Cruz Azul as a scorer after two annotations in their first two games, something that nnever it was Charly’s quality in their the beginning, according to Aceves himself, who likes that in the celestial picture they give him more freedom.

“He was a good player, but it didn’t make a difference. I did like Charly, but he wasn’t as outstanding as the one who scores the goals, the one who dribbles the mostIt didn’t shine like the others. As a child he did score goals, but not that much, he had never been a scorer, he is more a passer than a scorer, how good they are giving; in Cruz Azul they are giving him because they are letting him play more freely,” analyzed Aceves, who was in charge of Rodríguez in his beginnings in a Rayados school for five years and knows that Aguirre was placing him with more defensive tasks.

Even, remember that they always gave him preference to other elements in the albiazu campusHe and Cruz Azul give him his place.

“I’m glad that in Cruz Azul they put him in corner kicks; in Monterrey they relegated him a lot, they put Pabón or another, in Cruz Azul the coach asked for it and he trusts him, when the player does what he wants, that motivates you”, he indicated.

Aceves understands that Charly’s height, 1.71 meters, could be the reason why he was not placed on some set pieces, since remember that he years ago had doubts about what This young man was going to debut in the First Division, precisely because he was not so tall.

I doubted about what went to play in First dividedn, because to much players they are discarded because of their height, they do not value their football, Charly, despite his physique, was able to make his debut and be called up for the national team, many coaches don’t like them because of their height because they don’t compete with tall players.”

How did you discover Charlie?

Aceves was the discoverer of Charlie, since before he arrived at the Guadalajara school, he saw qualities in the age of three years, taking him to a national with his School of Rayados Saint Nicholas and kept inviting him, but suddenly over the years, Charly entered the Chivas, but did not hesitate to leave the Flock.

“He came with us when he was 8 years old, but before that we had already invited him to a national tournament with the Escuela de Rayados San Nicolás, then we invited him again to a tournament for 5-6 years, then for 7 and 8, after He was already participating with a Chivas team in San Nicolás, but he joined us. He was in a school in Chivas, but since his brother was already with us, He has an older brother, Rubén, that’s why he joined us. I played soccer with his dad, we were friends and that’s why he wanted to come with usAceves said.

He was there for four, five years, because later he went to Básicas de Rayados; then he already went there,” recalled the coach, who was also discoverer of the club’s historic goalkeeper, jonathan orozco, in addition to louis kings, champion with the Atlas.


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