Gudiño and Sepúlveda received full support from the team despite mistakes against Pachuca

Chivas gave full support to Raul Gudino Y Gilberto Sepulveda. After being pointed out as the culprits of Sunday’s defeat in Pachuca, coaching staff and players expressed their support for both players and are confident that they will get over it quickly.

A source revealed to RECORD that at the end of the confrontation in the Hidalgo Stadium, all the players talked among themselves and lamented the result obtained; however, far from looking for those responsible, they gave him the confidence vote to his goalkeeper and his centre-back.

After the analysis within the group, it was agreed that they were individual neglect, which coupled with a dose of bad luck, became the factors with which the Tuzos managed to go up on the scoreboard, so they were asked to analyze and learn from that situation so that do not repeat

Raúl Gudiño during the Chivas game

For its part, Marcelo Michel Leano, faithful to his style of staying close to the footballers, spoke with both elements and reiterated its full confidence, in addition to asking them to immediately change the chip so that they fully compete to face the next meeting.

Board of directors, coaching staff and players admitted that the defeat had a profound effect on the Guadalajara because they consider that they should not have left empty-handed Hidalgo Stadium, since although in the first half they did not display the desired soccer, but in the complementary part they substantially improved collective performance and demonstrated an idea closer to what they want to implement.

Prior to the start of practice this Tuesday, Michel Leano and company reiterated the message that has been constant in recent months: confidence and certainty of the work they have developed, as well as concentration to execute the idea of ​​the game they are building to achieve victory at home during the visit of Queretaro to Akron Stadium next Saturday.

Gilberto Sepúlveda during warm-up


-Template chatted with Gilberto Sepulveda and Raul Gudino and reiterated its full support

-They considered that what happened on Sunday they were individual mistakes, but they should put more concentration

-They asked learn from what happened So that it does not happen again

Michel Leaño approached and spoke with both to reiterate his trust in both

-Despite the defeat there was good taste of mouth in board, coaching staff and players for the reaction in the second half

Michel Leaño asked them to continue believing in the work they are doing, but with greater concentration


Marcelo Michel Leaño prior to the Chivas match


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