Francisco Arcos invests in medicine and health care

CUAUHTEMOC. In order to meet the recurring demand of citizens to have medical service at night and on weekends, the municipal president Francisco Javier Arcos Ruiz invests in the payment of four doctors and two paramedics, in addition to the acquisition of the basic medicine table .

Likewise, and in the face of the fourth wave of COVID-19 infections, it acquired 70 oximeters that were made available to the people of the capital and communities, to care for them during the time they are sick, in addition to the delivery of face masks, with the objective to “improve our municipal health system.”

The mayor reported that the doctors paid by his administration provide care from 9:30 p.m. to 6 a.m. every day, meanwhile, on Saturdays they enter at 10 a.m. and leave on Monday until 6 a.m., in accumulated shift, for which Arcos Ruiz stated that he paid more than half a million pesos in the health system.

He explained that most people only pay “50 pesos” per consultation, but people in extreme poverty do not pay “neither for consultation nor for basic medicine.”

Regarding the acquired oximeters, he added that in these times they can save lives, so they will be available with Civil Protection personnel and in the Health Center facilities. “The only requirement is that you really need them and return them when you’re done using them.”

With this, Francisco Arcos affirmed that they are the only municipality in the region with a medical service that attends at night and early morning, as well as on weekends, with the application of one hundred percent municipal resources.

Likewise, he reported that he decided to donate 15 percent of the first salary he received this year to contribute 1,200 pharmacies in Similares and 1,000 more in Santa Rita, with the aim that the people who attend “kindly help me by giving money to those who lack money for their medicine.

He commented that with this action he will guarantee that the dependents will value the condition and the possibility of the people who need the most at this time, so that from the money he gave them as a fund, they give people what they need when they go to buy their medicines. .

“And the truth is not much, but I know that for those who occupy it, up to 30 pesos help to complete the treatment.”

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