Faculty of Medicine encourages to donate hair for cancer wigs


Through the Student Committee of the Faculty of Medicine of the UAdeC, university students carry out an activity in order to provide a service to the community, which consists of collecting hair to be used in the making of oncological wigs.

The director of the faculty, Jesús Ángel Padilla, indicated that this type of exercises will be resumed during this semester.

“One of the actions that has been set as a goal to permeate society and provide a service beyond the classroom, we believe that the vocation of students must be expressed from their training; one of our mottos is to serve while learning and we have been witnessing a very supportive activity such as hair donation, it has been an activity generated by the students themselves, not even the support or incentive of other authorities has been required for its realization”, explained the doctor.

Additionally, he commented that the oncological wigs are made in the faculty workshops and are later donated to patients who fight against some type of cancer, he also explained that the parameters required to deliver the hair are found on the official Facebook of the Faculty of Medicine or reports can be requested at their facilities.


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