Andrés Guardado seeks to retire with Atlas

nearly 15 years ago, Andrés Guardado left Mexican soccer to make history. With a decade and a half in the Old Continent, the national team has marked an era in our football, becoming one of the players with the best numbers in Europe.

After making his debut with the Atlas and facing the match against Argentina in the 2006 World Cup in Germany, Guardado caught the attention of locals and strangers, thus, emigrate in 2007 to Deportivo La Coruña, from Spain, and be a benchmark for the team.

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This has been the case in almost all the teams in which he has had minutes, but above all his participation with the PSV of the Netherlands, where they consider him one of the last idols of the farmer club, the same case now at Betis.

In fact, it has already surpassed Hugo Sanchez What

the Mexican with the most matches in the Old Continent
with 497 (counting this Tuesday’s game against Alavés), for the 495 of the pentapichichi.

Where does Andres Guardado want to retire?

It is no secret that the soccer player born in our country would seek to return to Liga BBVA MX football, to hang up your booties with your beloved Atlas. The foxes saw him born and as Rafael Márquez did at the time, he would like to return to retire.

“I have always said, yes I would like to retire at Atlas, but it doesn’t depend on me, it’s not like I say ‘I want to retire in the Atlas, I’m going there’. I have a good relationship, we were about to leave in 2019, but in the end it didn’t happen, it wasn’t his time,” the midfielder assured his wife on video.

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Meanwhile, despite having in mind where to stop practicing the sport that has given him so much joy, he is aware that this 2022 he will play his last world cup and will seek to arrive in the best physical shape possible.

“Achieving something important in the World Cup, with the National Team, they say the fifth game because it is very famous in Mexico”, he finished.

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