Adam Sandler: This is the MILLIONAIRE fortune that the actor has at 55

Undoubtedly, Adam Sandler has established himself as one of the most charismatic actors in the film industry and although in recent years, his films have not had the success of yesteryear, remains among the highest paid in hollywood.

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Adam Sandler: This is the MILLIONAIRE fortune that the actor has at 55

to their 55 years old, the comedian has a millionaire fortune which amounts to $420 million and although his popularity has gone down over the years, the protagonist of ‘They are like children‘, found in the streaming giant, a gold mine.

In 1998 when the race Adam Sandler took off, broke records in U.S when generating $240 million for the sale of tickets to his show stand-up.

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During the last years, ‘Rough diamonds‘became his headband more profitable and although it received positive reviews from the specialized press, at the box office it only $51 million, of which he won only 5.

Despite this, the actor reached the ninth position in the annual ranking of Forbes magazine among the best paid, where Netflix plays a primary role.

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The entertainment company signed an exclusivity contract with Adam Sandler in 2014 for $250 million and a total of 4 movies.

Last year, he received $31 million, 75% of all earnings you earned on 2020, as part of this link and as if that were not enough, generated more than 2 billion hours playback on the streaming service so in January, he signed a much more lucrative new deal.

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