Yon de Luisa announces new protocol to eradicate homophobic cry

Yoon de Luisa, president of the Mexican Soccer Federation, announced this Monday that “they started a procedure” with the Court of Arbitration for Sport, better known as TAS due to the recent sanctions imposed by FIFA, derived from the shout considered homophobic in the matches of the Mexican National Team.

Said sanctions consisted in the fact that the Mexican team could not open the stadium to the public for the next two World Cup qualifying matches against Costa Rica and Panama, in addition to an economic fine of 100 thousand Swiss francs.

Presentation of the new image of the Mexican National Team

According to Yon de Luisa, the punishments have been suspended until the CAS verdict.

“The FMF initiated a procedure before the TAS in order to recognize the application of the protocols established by FIFA, as well as the efforts and progress made to date. Said court has granted the precautionary measures requested by the FMF, for which The sanctions imposed by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee will not take effect until a final resolution of said court., pointed out the head of the FMF.

Mexico was able to play with people; they preferred not to

Either way, de Luisa indicated the decision to play against Costa Rica and Panama behind closed doors to test the new protocol that they will implement from now on with business partners and people close to the Federation.

“For the next two games of the Mexican National Team at home, we will not open the stadium to the general public. We will use these two matches with a control group to carry out the tests of access to the matches of the National Team”, he commented.

Protocol to eradicate the homophobic cry

1.- Access control: Fans must register their ticket with their data on a website that will show them a QR code, which will have to be presented at the stadium gate, along with their identification for access.

2.- Positive experience: Within the stadium, dynamics will be implemented that promote healthy coexistence and the participation of the fans, as what they are: a very important player.

3.- Security: The number of security guards trained to identify and remove from the stadium those who engage in acts of discrimination will be increased.

4.- Consequences: people who are removed from the stadium will not be able to attend the National Team matches operated by the FMF for a period of five years.


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