Keanu Reeves has asked for two autographs in his entire life; in one they put “fuck you”

Since the franchise John Wick emerged as one of the most important action sagas in contemporary cinema, the career of Keanu Reeves was relaunched. The actor not only found a role that suits him in detail but also found a story and a realization that led to attractive, powerful films. Fame opened the doors for him again. Recently, with the premiere of The Matrix Resurrectionsthe actor was once again on the crest of the media wave.

This made it easier, once again, for him to be encouraged to share different anecdotes about the filming, some personal stories and his way of being, among other issues. One of the most recent has to do with the autographs he has asked for during his life. Although Keanu Reeves is usually the star in his films, within casts in which there are not too many figures above him, the actor has been encouraged to ask for a couple of signatures to remember.

This was told during his time on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. As part of one of the show’s segments, Keanu Reeves answered fifteen questions on just about any topic. The objective of this type of dynamic within the program is to reveal information that the interviewees might not share in another context, in addition to leaving funny moments.

The autographs Keanu Reeves asked for

Keanu Reeves has only asked for two autographs in his life. The first of them, to a music icon and the second to a colleague. The detail between one and the other are the forms and the end. We see his response during The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, starting from the first person he asked for an autograph:

“Lou Reed. But it wasn’t for me. It was for a friend. Lou Reed was very nice about it. It was on a small piece of paper, in blue ink. He just wrote ‘Lou Reed.’” He was funny because he could have written ‘all the best’ or ‘happy holidays’”.

The other person Keanu Reeves asked for an autograph from was a comedian.

George Carlin. It was very beautiful. He gave me an autograph. I can’t swear on this show, can I? It was really funny that moment because he wrote… he wrote… I think he wrote ‘Dear Keanu, fuck you!’. Yes. I always thought he wrote that for me. Then I met another person who told me that he had also written that to her. Anyway, beautiful.”

Keanu Reeves can now be seen on The Matrix Resurrectionswhich is still in theaters. In relation to John Wick the news is not so encouraging. Due to the current circumstances marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, the film’s release was delayed until next year. If nothing changes, the expected day is March 24, 2023.

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