In Liga MX they wanted to ‘prevent’ their narrations

Luis Garcia Y Christian Martinoli They have revolutionized football storytelling with their quirky, wacky comedic style. This way of transmitting the matches has fascinated thousands of fans; causing them to prefer Aztec TV about Televisa.

However, inside the MX League they got to ‘hate them‘, since some teams considered that his comments had an impact on their players, influencing their performance on the pitch.

The clubs believed that when Garcia Y Martinolli They attended their stadiums to bring the narration of the game, they influenced the process of the match with the individual actions that some soccer players had, because in some way they heard them from the field to their box, ensuring that ‘they lost because of him‘. Louis assured.

During an interview with Edgardo Avelar, the ‘DoctorGarcia confessed all of the above, in addition to pointing out that they came to consider them as ‘people who bring bad luck‘.

“In other times, not to us directly, but club presidents have called our bosses and asked that Martinoli Y Garcia do not narrate their games, because because of us they lose. We are in the last box of the stadium, 250 fucking meters high, and at what point we will have interference in their failure. This crude, idiotic style that we have, club managers did not like it and tried to boycott us,” he said.

Luis García and Christian Martinoli TV Azteca commentators

Despite everything they might say within the core of the League MX, Luis Garcia Y Christian Martinoli always had the support and backing of Aztec TV.

“We have bosses with great backs. They answered him that easily, ‘since I don’t make your lineup, nor do I tell you who is going to play tomorrow, you are not going to put order here in Azteca’. We have been fortunate to have powerful bosses that they were sent to hell in minute two,” he added.

Luis García and Christian Martinoli narrating the Liga MX match



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