Carlos Salcedo meets with the Tigres board and his novel continues

Monterey, NL /

Carlos Salcedo wants to leave tigers and already on Saturday he published on social networks that before Puebla it was his last match with the felines; However, the novel Titan with the auriazul club it has not finished.

This Monday, after practice at the University Stadium, Salcedo and his representative Gonzalo Vargas, met with the board to negotiate the player’s departure to the MLS Toronto FC.

And although Salcedo already gave as a fact his departure from the team Michael Herrera, the situation has gotten stuck, since Toronto does not accept the exchange for its player Yeferson Soteldo, although they will most likely end up accessing it.

The MLS team intended to pay for Salcedo, but the offer they have put on the table has been low, because they offered 2 million dollars for the player.

That is why after 45 minutes of meeting, the negotiation did not materialize, but the talks will continue, since it is not convenient for Tigres to keep this player, since he could go free, since his contract expires in December 2022 and six months before, he can negotiate without the intervention of the club.

For now, Salcedo and Vargas left the offices without wanting to give statements to the media; he even did not stop to give an autograph to a fan who asked for it.


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