What will happen to Djokovic after being deported from Australia? Six questions about your future

TO late Saturday, Novak Djokovic got on a plane heading to Dubai to get out of melbourne After losing his appeal to the australian government and be deported, ending a tug-of-war that started around vaccinating against covid-19 and ended much further. On the way home, leaving behind one of the most convulsive episodes in the history of modern sport, the Serbian Possibly he wondered the same thing as the whole world: is this a definitive turning point in his life?

Will he play in Australia again?

At 34 years old, Djokovic faces a three-year sanction without being able to enter Australia. That is the consequence, according to the law, to which any person who suffers two visa withdrawals is exposed, although there are exceptions to which the Serbian could try to qualify to return to the most important tournament of his career before retiring: in melbourne, nole He has won the first major of the year nine times (2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2019, 2020, 2021), exercising a domain comparable to that of Rafael Nadal in Roland Garros (12 titles) or Roger Federer in Wimbledon (eight). In any case, and analyzing the position of the Australian Government in recent days, it seems difficult that the Serbian can find a way to avoid this punishment and return to Australian soil before 2026.

What will happen to the rest of your calendar?

Unless you make the decision to get vaccinated against covid-19, Djokovic will run into trouble playing many of the regular tournaments on his schedule, including two other big ones (Wimbledon and the US Open) Besides of Australian Open. In U.S, where double vaccination is requested as an essential access requirement, three Masters 1000 are held (Indian Wells, Miami Y Cincinnati), as well as other important events. In United Kingdom yes he could enter, although undergoing a 10-day quarantine. Only Roland Garros, for the moment, seems the only great event that the Serbian You will be able to play smoothly.

Will it affect the fight to be the best tennis player of all time?

Djokovic share with Nadal Y Federer a triple tie in number of titles Grand Slam (20 each) in the historic race that the trio maintains for eternity. With the Serbian out of Australian Open, the Spanish has a chance to take advantage of winning the title (he is the only player in the men’s singles draw to have done so previously), which would allow him to reach Roland Garros in a favorable position to raise that number to 22 in Paris, its most favorable territory. Yes finally nole he cannot compete in the big four every year, unlike his direct rivals in the fight to be the best of all time, the disadvantage for the Serbian would be obvious.

And to number one?

Djokovic has 355 weeks at the top of the ranking, a record number. Failing to defend his title as champion of the Australian Open, however, will give up 2,000 points and endanger world number one, which could take him away Daniel Medvedev or alexander zverev. If he Russian win the trophy, he would stay with the throne of the circuit, adding 800 net points and cutting the difference that now separates him from the Serbian (2,080). Likewise, if the German gets the victory, he would add 1,280 points, enough to overtake nole and assault the first position of the ranking.

Djokovic, at the Melbourne airport on Sunday night.

Djokovic, at the Melbourne airport on Sunday night.

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Will it affect your performance?

Caught up in various off-piste storms throughout recent times, Djokovic He has shown an iron fist to get ahead no matter how ugly things were around him. not organize the Adria Tour, several exhibitions that were held between June and July 2020 without social distancing or masks (and that ended with several positives among the participating tennis players themselves), nor suffering disqualification in the round of 16 of the US Open, after hitting a line judge with a ball, had consequences on the sporting success of nole. In 2021, the Serbian came within a single win of winning all four Grand Slam tournaments in the same season (lost in the final of the US Open with Medvedev), quite a demonstration of strength in the face of adversity. This time, however, Djokovic faces a crisis of unknown dimensions that could open a very deep wound in the champion of 20 majors and .

How is your relationship with the dressing room?

During the last days, the players have taken positions in the dispute of Djokovic against him australian government. Some as Nick Kyrgios, have been in favor of the Serbian played the first major of the season. Others, like Stefanos Tsitsipas, have positioned themselves against, ensuring that many tennis players have been vaccinated just to be able to be in melbourne.

Nadal, possibly one of the two biggest sporting rivals of nole, said the following before the tennis player was deported: “I respect him a lot and I wish him all the best, but I do not agree with many of the things he has done in recent weeks. I have had a good relationship with him throughout our career. We did important things for the circuit, for our foundations and for charity events. We have been together when something negative happened here in Australia or all over the world, but in this case, from my point of view, there are many questions that need answering”.

Only time will discover how damaged the ties of Djokovic with the rest of the costume.

The Belgrade Tower, illuminated in honor of Djokovic.

The Belgrade Tower, illuminated in honor of Djokovic.

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