Ómicron deals another blow to the physical and mental health of employees

The rebound did not affect the company’s recruitment processes, since the interviews are done virtually. However, it did cause a delay in their hiring at the beginning of the year. “The people who would join the company are infected, but only 1% of the applicants for a vacancy canceled the job interview due to Covid. We expect to have two weeks of delays,” he says.

For now, the BD administrative staff continues 100% remotely. The plan, if the pandemic allows it, is for employees to return to the corporate office at the end of March, in a hybrid scheme in which employees attend the office two or three times a week, depending on the role of each position.

“The remodeling of our spaces is about to be completed. We want the office to be an open and collaborative place, one that lends itself to brainstorming and connection between employees”, says Arellano.

At Bayer they are also seeing the impact of ómicron among their collaborators. Manuel Bravo, president and general director of the chemical-pharmaceutical company in Mexico, indicates that its infection rate has risen in recent days, so prevention protocols were immediately strengthened.

“We have been working on a hybrid scheme in our offices for almost two years and, although we had begun to carry out pilot tests to analyze the feasibility of resuming our activities in a flexible scheme for our collaborators, we believe that for the moment health comes first and we are encouraging so that whoever can stay at home and work remotely does so”, he comments.

The manager points out that the company appeals a lot to the responsibility of each collaborator to take care of himself and his family. With information and communication, the company motivates them to complete their vaccination schedule, convinced that it is the main tool in the fight against Covid-19 and its variants.

“At the moment we have no major impact on the operation, but we will continue to take extreme precautions until this contagion curve begins to flatten out shortly,” Bravo points out.


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