NFL Playoffs 2022. Steelers vs. Chiefs (21-42) | Pittsburgh eliminated

A Hall of Fame career ended with a blowout in Kansas City. In the Ben Roethlisberger’s farewell to the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers were eliminated from the Playoffs bluntly by marker 42-21, which does not reflect the overwhelming dominance that the Chiefs exerted starting in the second quarter, reaffirming why they have been to the last two editions of the Super Bowl.

A clash of generations when it comes to quarterbacks. On one side the veteran Big Ben, who is leaving after 18 seasons with the Steelers, throwing two touchdown passes, but suffering greatly to move the team when they really needed it, because the points they put up was actually when the beating was irreversible.

Face the “present and future” of the National Football League, Patrick Mahomes, who threw for five touchdowns And it could have been six, except that Andy Reid got creative in the red zone and allowed Travis Kelce — another monster tight end — to double as quarterback with a pass to Byron Pringle.

Steelers 21-42 Chiefs; this was the game

Who was going to tell us that there would be 63 combined points after first quarter ended scoreless. In fact, Pittsburgh struck first with a great defensive play in which TJ Watt returned a fumble to the end zone to give hope to the visit, which in the bets started as a clear victim and eventually that happened.

That play seemed to “bite the crest” to Mahomes, who was uncovered with five touchdown passes in 10 minutes of effective playing time on offense, imposing a NFL record for Postseason. He also became the first quarterback to record four games of 400 or more yards with five touchdown passes.

Travis Kelce signed his wonderful night by imposing a mark like first tight end to have 100+ receiving yards, a touchdown catch and one more throwing, since it was he who crowned the triumph of Kansas City to send them to the next round.

Steelers add four straight losses in Playoffs

This Sunday night confirmed a negative trend for one of the most successful franchises in the NFL, since Pittsburgh added its fourth consecutive postseason loss And the outlook is bleak for the immediate future without Roethlisberger, with a porous offensive line, some key free agents and an urgent restructuring.

Who will Kansas City play in the Playoffs?

After the beating, now the Kansas City Chies will host the Buffalo Bills in a great game of the Divisional Round of the American Conference next Sunday at 5:30 p.m.


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