Death threats against the wife of Andrés Guardado

Spain. The controversy continues in Spain over the case of Joan Jordan where the mexican player Andrew Saved has been one of the protagonists since after the match between Betis and Seville of the Copa del Rey, the Aztec player pretended to be hit by a bottle and pass out, imitating Joan, a situation that caused great indignation among Sevilla fans.

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For the same the wife of Saved, Sandra de la Vega, received death threats and insults on her social networks.

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“Let’s see if it’s true and he wakes up dead tomorrow morning”, or “what a scoundrel and what an asshole. I hope he dies”, are some of the sad messages received.

Andrés Guardado assures that he did not make fun of Joan Jordán

Andrew Saved He assured, after being seen joking with the bottle that hit him on the head and fell to the ground, that he did not make fun of Joan Jordán, hit on the head on Saturday by a PVC bar thrown from the stands, which led to the suspension of the game in the 39th minute.

“I want to clarify that at no time am I making fun of Jordan”, the Betis footballer has expressed after the controversy generated by some images in which he is seen with several teammates when he left the Benito Villamarín lawn.

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The players of Betis they enthusiastically celebrated their qualification for the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey. A goal from Sergio Canales after the game resumed sealed the final 2-1.

The gesture of the Mexican caused a

deep discomfort
in the fans of the Sevilla team, whose sports director, Ramón Rodríguez, ‘Monchi’, called for “sanity” and “tranquility” after everything that has happened since yesterday.

“There has been an event that should not be experienced on a soccer field and that is unfortunate and a shame,” he also assured. Saved in his message published on the social network twitter.


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