Cristian Pavón could still arrive if Pol Fernández goes to Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors did not make things easy for Blue Cross when he sought to acquire the services of Christian Pavón, but now they are Xeneizes who knocked on the heavenly door again.

According to Argentine media, William Fernandez, who received special permission from the Machine to travel to Argentina and attend to personal problems, would have reached a verbal agreement with Boca Juniors, giving the green light for the bosteros to arrange their exit with Blue Cross.

To do this, the Buenos Aires cadre put on the table once again Christian Pavón, who even received an ultimatum from the Boca team to fix his departure from the club, or else he will go to the freezer for the last five months of his contract.

Fernández in a Liga MX match

However, in Cruz Azul things happen in a different order. On Saturday after the victory at home against the Juarez Braves, Juan Maximo Reynoso, helmsman of Cruz Azul, was clear and convincing in stating that he awaits the return of ‘Pol’ Fernández to fulfill his contract, so the Celestes have no intention of releasing him before June when his contract expires.

“When one talks things up front and we are gentlemen, I don’t see any chance that he will go to Boca. He asked me for a favor, during the week, he was quite sincere and the facilities were given to him, now if the transcendences that you mention happen, we would really be disappointed. We wait for him on Monday, not this one but until the next and as he promised us that there will be no other permit,” Reynoso said.

Pavón celebrates a goal

However, it is important to say that although the Machine had already finalized the Pavon option as a reinforcement, although the situation of Pol Fernandez could end up reviving the operation. However, the ball is now in the field of Cruz Azul and soon they will decide the future of Pol Fernández and most likely that of Cristian Pavón.



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