Aislinn Derbez gives a powerful message of self-love and reveals her hard relationship with exercise

Aislinn Derbez is one of the most beloved actresses and continues to win the affection of the public through her social networks where she keeps in touch with her fans; However, this time he took advantage of his last publication to talk about his figure, sending a strong message of self-love.

The eldest of the Derbez dynasty has shared with his more than 11 million followers on Instagram details about the physical and emotional changes that she has experienced since she became a mother, as well as some photographs that confirm it and messages that have motivated her fans.

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On more than one occasion, the actress of “A la mala” has put a stop to the body shaming both on his social networks and on his channel Youtube, talking about the importance of both physical and mental health care as they are factors that are affected by negative comments.

Aislinn Derbez sends a message of self-love. Photo: Instagram @aislinnderbez

Eugenio Derbez’s daughter surprised her followers with a photograph in which she shows off her impressive figure, although in it she reveals the problems she had with exercise because she confessed that she has not been very “disciplined”: “It is one of the things that I work the most They cost me in life and before I thought that it only served to “have a good body”, it turned out worse because when my expectations were not met, I stopped doing it”.

I recently realized how much exercise improved my mental health, it stopped being an option to do it just to “look good” and became a very important ally in my life.Moving the body in any way is essential to feel good mentally (and your best version appears physically, which is a plus),” the actress wrote.

Aislinn Derbez worries fans

The 35-year-old actress began 2022 with an intense message on her social networks, which managed to generate concern in her fans who did not hesitate to express their support and affection.

“Since the end of the year I have felt little desire to enter social networks and it has felt good. It has been a very particular start to the year and different from what I would have imagined. I am more sensitive than normal and eager to stop, do everything slower than ever and without all that rush with which I lived all of 2021, ”he wrote.

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take your time little girl and be happy” and “Beautiful, go ahead, you’re a wonderful person and a beautiful mother”, were some of the comments that rained down on the actress from her followers who remain attentive to what is happening with the actress.

Aislinn Derbez began the year in the midst of a great uproar over her new romantic relationship with photographer Jonathan Kubben, although this does not stop her and she is happy focused on her career and her daughter.

Fans express support for Aislinn Derbez. Photo: Instagram @aislinnderbez


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