After excesses of food recover your routine with a detox diet

After copious meals, meetings with friends and an excess of sweets, it is time to review our diet and correct the excesses of this Christmas with a detox diet that helps us get back to our eating routine as soon as possible.

The detox diet is widely used to detoxify the body and reduce fluid retention in a short period of time to cleanse the body after a festive period like we just went through.

In a 5-day detox diet, it is advisable to gradually incorporate solids after starting for a couple of days with a liquid diet based on juices, vegetable soups and ending with meals rich in vegetables, low-fat meats (such as chicken) and fish.

After completing the five days of diet, you should start a balanced maintenance diet made up of natural foods, avoiding industrialized products, sugars and fried foods.

.It is important to remember that during these days you should season food with very little salt, giving preference to the use of natural seasonings such as onion, garlic, basil, mint or ginger. Do not forget that to carry out this type of diet it is good to resort to a nutritionist since the repetition of these routines without medical supervision can cause risks such as vitamin, mineral, fat and protein deficiencies, causing loss of muscle mass or dehydration.

This story was originally published on January 7, 2022 5:19 a.m.


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