NFL Playoffs. Bucs coach hit his player to ‘calm him down’ VIDEO

Raymond James Stadium, Tampa /

How would you react if your coach gives you a tremendous zape in the middle of the game? Incredible as it may seem, defensive back Andrew Adams was hit by his own coach, Bruce Arians, and that the Buccaneers categorically crushed the Eagles in the Wild Card Round of the 2022 NFL Playoffs.

Under the apparent pretext of “calming down” the player to avoid an infraction for taunting the opponent, Arians went onto the field to hit Adams in the head., who, disconcerted, turned to see who had attacked him, surprisingly coming across the image of his furious coach.

The coach who was accused by Antonio Brown

This controversial image went viral on social networks and the Antony Brown theme, the receiver who left the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the middle of the game against the New York Jets and hours later was cut by franchise under the argument of “behavior problems”, although the player gave another version.

And it is that AB84 publicly accused the Bucs of supplying him with “banned substances” to mitigate the pain caused by an ankle problem and that he could play in the penultimate game of the regular season. At the same time, exposed Bruce Arians as the culprit of his outburst by “forcing him to play injured”, arguing that he suffered from the aforementioned problem and the coach called him “softie”.

Let us remember that Bruce Arians won the last Super Bowl in Tampa Bay with the Buccaneers against the Kansas City Chiefs and seeks to be only the second two-time NFL champion head coach this century, with Bill Belichick as the only one who has done so in front of the now-eliminated Patriots, at the time with Tom Brady as quarterback.


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