Exercise: Study reveals how many steps you should walk a day to not gain weight and stay fit

Are you one of those people who believes that 10 thousand steps is enough for stay in shape? I am afraid to tell you that all this time we have been misled by this figure as a study recently revealed the steps you should walk a day to not gain weight and to have good physical condition. Can you imagine how many could be? Here we tell you.

To have Health Y stay in shape The World Health Organization recommends that adults ages 18 to 64 get at least 20 minutes of physical activity daily or 150 minutes a week. All this along with leading a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and good rest habits. Within what you can do to be in shape is walk and for a long time it was believed that 10 thousand steps were the minimum for not gain weight. However, a study points out the opposite. Will we need more or fewer steps?

How many are the recommended steps per day?

A study made by JAMA Network Open, in which 2,000 people participated (who walked between 7,000 and 9,999 steps daily) showed that these individuals reduced their mortality level between 50% and 70%, while those who counted 10,000 steps or more stagnated in their results.

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Research reveals that good results not only depend on the number of daily steps that occur, but also in the speed with which it is done, the movement when walking and the body of each person. Therefore, the experts determined that from 7 thousand steps your body, mind and health in general already obtain benefits.

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So don’t get frustrated if you don’t get to the 10 thousand steps. The important thing is to understand that everything must have a balance, both exercise and diet. Do not suggest yourself and better go to a health professional who will tell you how much and what exercise you must do to keep fit Y not gain weight. Yes indeed, walk It will help you a lot so don’t stop doing it.


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