“Chucky Lozano is a lump, an imbecile”; fierce criticism in Italy

Naples, Italy /

They bought it for 40 million euros in 2019, that makes it one of the five most expensive signings in the history of Napolibut the mexican Hirving Lozano has not met “even close” with expectations put on it and criticism is ruthless in Italy, where they qualify it as “package” and Carlo Ancelotti’s “cursed inheritance”.

Banned mid week After playing only 20 minutes in the Coppa Italia elimination at home against Fiorentina, the Chucky Lozano was the target of criticism from the italian middle 87TV, a television channel with a digital presence that covers the daily life of Napoli.

Lush he was the guy who was supposed to be the strong point of Carlo Ancelotti’s management, which cost 40 million euros and is a total fiasco. The Mexican was bought to satisfy the former coach because they did not bring James Rodríguez and it turned out to be a package (lump). They thought they had signed a player with a champion caste and they brought in one of the bunch, without a single memorable goal at the time“, appears in one of the opinion columns of the television station.

‘From champion to imbecile’; they bust chucky

The World Cup player for Mexico in Russia 2018, scorer of the goal in the historic victory against Germany, has scored 23 goals in 103 games with Napoli, but even he is called “imbecile” for his violent outbursts, fights with trainers and attitude.

His only virtue is running after the ball, they presented him with great fanfare as a true star and for more than two years he is nothing more than an ordinary footballer, he disappointed expectations. He is apathetic, he does not understand the spirit of Napoli or the demands. Gattuso sat him down and got tired of scolding him and it seems that nothing changed, he never seemed to feel the club shirt.”

Even more absurd is Lozano’s desire to play for a big club, well they say that ‘before speaking, measure the ball’. It turned out to be a package (bulge) together with Manolas (Greek defender) brought by Ancelotti. For Lozano, from champion to imbecile, the step is short And we don’t have to wait too long in the future because we’ve already seen what it can give”.


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