Andrés Guardado denies teasing Joan Jordán and Sevilla after celebration

The Mexican responded to criticism for the video during the Betis celebrations where he simulates that an object hits him in the head, as happened to the Sevilla player

the captain of the Betis, Andrew Saved He expressed his position through his account Instagram, after being severely criticized on social networks, for his celebration, in which he mimed that an object was being thrown at him, a situation that was taken as a mockery of the object that was thrown onto the field and hit the head of Joan Jordan, in the Eighth of Copa del Rey.

“And well, I take the opportunity to clarify the video that from what I see, everyone who does not know me has interpreted it in the wrong way, although totally understandable from the context … that is why I want to say emphatically that at no time am I making fun of the act suffered to Jordan … that it has been an event that should not be experienced on a football field and that it is unfortunate and a shame, “he said.

In the same way, he emphasized that he would never make fun of Joan Jordan if I were aware that the player is in poor health, so in the end I discredit what happened and emphasized that after what he experienced on the field of play, the truth of what happened will be known later.

“Believe me that if I knew that Jordan was really wrong, I would never do it … having said the above … what I do not agree with is everything that happened later in the field that I experienced first-hand, where we all know each other in the world of football. football and I know that sooner or later it will be known what really happened! …. MUSHO BETIS!!”, he added.

The captain of the Verdiblanco team was really criticized for his celebration, both by Mexican fans, as well as the national and international press, after they considered the way in which he emulated the blow to his teammate inappropriate. Seville.


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