“You’re terrible,” Alan Mozo claims to the referee after being sent off in Querétaro vs. Cougars

The defender demanded the red card from the whistler, after allegedly elbowing ‘Burrito’ Hernández from Querétaro

Alan Mozo, defense of Cougars, was expelled for an alleged attack on Jorge ‘Burrito’ Hernández and was not silent when he left the field of play, because he repeatedly told the central judge, Erick Yair Miranda, “you are so bad”.

There were at least three occasions in which the right side of the auriazules yelled at the central whistleblower, who changed his initial decision after consulting the VAR, because from the video arbitration booth, under the command of César Ramos, they called him to review the move.

On the play, Waiter tried a charge on the ‘Burrito’, who was falling to the grass, which caused the feline player’s arm to hit the Gallos Blancos midfielder’s face.

Initially, Yair Miranda showed him the yellow card, but the VAR he called the center back to review the play. At the same time, Hernández had a few words with members on the bench of Cougars, but it all ended with a hug between Andrés Lillini, auriazul helmsman, and the ‘Burrito’.

After Miranda corrected the VAR, he took out the red card and Waiter did not believe the dial. The Mexican winger angrily claimed and before turning his back on him he yelled “you are so bad”.

Then the defender went to the tunnel while also claiming the fourth referee and was calmed down by Julio González, the team’s substitute goalkeeper. This is the fourth red card for Waiter in his professional career.


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