Why do they blame Amber Heard for the separation of Momoa and Bonet?

Twitter users blame Amber Heard for the separation of Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet

After the news of the shocking separation between Jason Momoa Y Lisa Bonet, fans are wondering why they made that decision after 16 years together. Although the ex-partner personally did not divulge many details about the reason for her decision, it seems that some users on social networks have criticized the co-star of Aquaman, Amber Heard, for being the reason behind the end of their marriage.

Earlier this January, rumors began to circulate that heard I was flirting with the actor Game of Thrones during the recordings of his next movie, which would cause fights with Bonet who apparently asked her husband to keep her distance from her partner. However, this has never been confirmed and they are only rumours.

For its part, Jason Momoa released the news of the divorce through an instagram post in which he highlighted that, “The love between us continues, evolving in ways that it wishes to be known and lived. We free each other to be who we are learning to be. Our unwavering devotion to this sacred life and to our children.” So it seems that the separation was carried out on good terms and they preferred to make the news public so as not to give rise to rumours.

Amber Heard

Differences between the actresses?

People say that Bonet she was a friend of Johnny Depp When did your breakup start? heard and was accused of domestic violence, for which he asked Jason to keep his distance from her. In this regard, users Twitter began to write words against the actress of Aquaman and pointed out that the famous couple was breaking up because “He never stood up for Lisa’s friend Johnny Depp and let her into their lives. Being friends with Amber Heard has its consequences. Lisa even said she wasn’t happy that he was working with her.”.

Amber Heard

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