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After Sony’s strange decision to stop producing PlayStation 5 consoles to start manufacturing a million PS4s and thus meet the demand of its public and face the shortage of processors was known, it was also learned that Microsoft stopped the production of all models of its Xbox One quietly for two years. This means that if you find one of these consoles for sale, including the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, you can be sure that it was made in at least 2020.

Sony prioritized the old consoles, Microsoft the new ones

The information came from the same company through a statement that the director of marketing for Xbox, Cindy Walker, sent to The Verge in response to the question of whether the company was also going to stop the production of some consoles as well as Sony, facing the chip shortage. The Microsoft company assured that the decision to discontinue the entire Xbox One generation was made at the end of 2020, when the Series S and Series X were introduced. The movement, according to Walker, has allowed it to focus on the production of those newer consoles. despite supply chain issues that have plagued the entire tech industry.

The foregoing has meant that, unlike the manufacturer of the PlayStation, Xbox is able to respond to the demand for its most current consoles and even balance the production rate between them a little better; Well, according to Microsoft’s vice president of gaming, Phil Spencer, “in the beginning, more Series X were manufactured than Series S.”

Why did no one notice the lack of Xbox One?

One of the reasons that can explain the fact that in two years few or almost no one has noticed the absence of all Xbox One models is because, despite the fact that its manufacture stopped, the company allowed different surfaces and retailers to continue. selling the remaining inventory. The end of the console did not mean the end of its games, because they are also compatible with both the Xbox Series S and the Series X.

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