What is the dystopian genre and how to enjoy it on Netflix

Within the world of film and television, and especially in Netflix, exist Different genres They are perfect for telling a story. One of them is the dystopian, which became one of the favorites of the public.

But, what is this genre really about? The truth is that it focuses on all those futuristic societies undesirables that were created by fiction and that are usually characterized by their lack of ethics. In this way, it is quite different from utopia. This, for its part, is seen as a society that is ideal. In this way, several of the cinematographic or television stories show us how civilization is under the control of governments that are dictatorial or oppressive.

Over the years there were many titles that have come out into the light and that they were completely focused on said gender. In this opportunity, we will show you those that are available on Netflix.

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