‘West Side Story’ confirms Hollywood’s love for musical productions

steven spielberg has made the movie of his own life in ‘West Side Story‘, a musical where you guess the difficulties that the film director went through being an Orthodox Jew and how love and music help to overcome any barrier.

The score of this candidate for the Oscar What Best film is in the hands of Gustavo Dudamel. His Mary, Rachel Zegler, became a star only through networks last year. This film confirms the tendency of Hollywood to make big productions following the style of musicals. ‘In a New York neighborhood’, ‘Tick, tock… boom!’ are some of the titles that are no longer as surprising as the success of ‘The, the, land, which also won six Oscars.


The 10 best musical movies to enjoy this weekend

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And in theaters, musicals with the strength of characters and stories like that of Tina Turner, classics like ‘Singing under the rain‘ or ‘Fame‘, ‘grease‘, or the ‘A chorus line’, directed by Antonio Banderas or ‘Ghost‘ who stars David Bustamante. There are also works that have been triumphing for many years, such as the decade that ‘The Lion King’ has been in Madrid

'The bodyguard'.

‘The bodyguard’, ‘Fama’ and other successful musicals

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