This brand appears with the SEGA NFT logo

We bring an interesting message related to one of the most beloved franchises by nintenderos. It is indeed about Sonic, comes from SEGA and is related to NFT.

In the post below, we can see that the company has registered a trademark related to this business, despite recent statements that it was reconsidering this decision. It looks like a logo I would have prepared for SEGA NFT.

Here you can see it:

As some of you may remember, the company decided to partner with game developer Double Jump Tokyo with the intention of “release NFT content related to classic and current IPs”. Following a negative response from a large majority of fans, they shared that they would evaluate this decision.

we remind you the notice:

In terms of NFT, we would like to try various experiments and have already started many different studies and considerations, but nothing has been decided at this time regarding P2E [Play-to-Earn]. There have been many announcements about this in the West, but there are users showing negative reactions at the moment.

We need to carefully evaluate many things. For example how can we mitigate the negative elements, how much can we introduce this into Japanese regulation. What will be accepted and what will not be accepted by users. We will then consider further if this leads us to our mission of “Constantly Creating, Forever Captivating”, but if it is perceived as simply a way to make money, we would like to make the decision not to continue.

As you can see, everything points to the fact that at the moment nothing has been decided, since the new logo would indicate that it would enter the business. What is your opinion? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments.


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