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New details come to light about Ben Affleck’s resignation from the batsuit and the DCEU Extended Universe, we tell you who gave security to Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend to say goodbye to the character.

The DCEU was left without Batman following the resignation of Ben Affleck. No way, but it is not the fault or informality of the actor, but of DC Films and Warner Bros for neglecting their actors during the completion of the Justice League by Joss Whedon, the filmmaker pointed out by Ray Fisher for workplace harassment. And judging by the words of Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend, this filmmaker is quite a chip, well he lived through a hell that demoralized him and pushed him back to alcoholism.

However, if they are #TeamBatffleck, will have one last chance to see him dressed as Detective Bat in the upcoming DC Universe movie, The Flash, from actor Ezra Miller and director Andy Muschietti. That is if Walter Hamada, Geoff Johns and other executives do not decide to eliminate their scenes and, in this way, annihilate all traces of the epic touch of Zack Snyder, his Justice League and Man of Steel.

Taking advantage of the promotion of The Tender Bar, the actor told Entertainment Weekly that the decision was made during the filming of Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel, where strengthened friendship ties with Matt Damon, the main person who pushed the most for your well-being emotional than for seeking the recognition of an entire fandom. In fact, despite the fact that this film was a box office failure, Ben returned the love he had lost for his work.

“I had a miserable experience at League of Justice for several reasons. I’m not going to blame anyone, but a lot of things happened. But what did happen is that I was no longer happy. I didn’t want to be there anymore. He wasn’t interested either. Then some really fucked up and nasty stuff happened and that’s where I said I wouldn’t do it anymore.“He said. Ouch. For those of us who love Detective Bat, it hurts. But we imagine it was because of the Whedon controversy.

Warner Bros Pictures

‘The Flash’ will fire Ben Affleck as Batman.

In that talk, Damon was leading the questions. And when they started talking specifically about the resignation, he said:

I talked to you and you were the main influence in my decision. I want to do things that give me joy. So we got there and did ‘The Last Duel’ where I had fun every day on set.

20th Century

Matt Damon was influential in his decision to say goodbye to Batman.

Within the flowers towards The Last Duel, he added that he also factors such as not being the main star of Ridley influenced his decision, not having to please the viewer and instead being a despicable antagonist. Another of the dark moments that he experienced during his time as Batman was the divorce from his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, whom, obviously, he does not love very much, since he has mentioned that if they were still married he would continue to drink. Well, thanks, Matt Damon? On November 3, Flash will fire Ben as Bruce Wayne.

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