They create Chris Hemsworth in The Sims 4 and it is identical to the one in real life

This avatar is identical to actor Chris Hemsworth.

The real fans of The Sims 4 They know how to get the most out of the tools of the game. You already know that the life simulator has a multitude of options for customize your sims life and this includes the physical and personal traits of the character. Our next protagonist has taken character editing to another level to create a exact copy of actor Chris Hemsworth in The Sims 4. And if you don’t believe it, pay attention to the following image.

The The Sims 4 character editor It is very complete if you know how to use it. You can shape the face in a thousand ways to make it the avatar physically resembles to the player. Even to an actor like Chris Hemsworth, known for his role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The user Golyhawhaw has surprised everyone with his incredible creation on Reddit and is going to leave you speechless for the resemblance it has with the actor.

They create Chris Hemsworth in The Sims 4 in a very realistic way

Following the publication, we have made the comparison with a real image of actor Chris Hemsworth and the result is incredible. Here you can see how he has perfectly recreated the shape of his nose, as well as the expression lines under her blue eyes. The look is also one of the strengths of this recreation, mimicking the exact shape in great detail. In short, it is an impressive work that demonstrates all the possibilities it offers the tool.

Chris Hemsworth in The Sims 4

Exact recreation of Chris Hemsworth in The Sims 4.

Users who have seen the publication agree that it is one of the best customization jobs what they have seen So many took the opportunity to ask if it was possible to download this model. Can you imagine becoming Chris Hemsworth virtually? The author of this work has not yet spoken, but we offer you other ideas for your game. Here you have a complete guide to create the Avengers in The Sims 4, where are characters like Hulk, Black Widow, Iron Man and Thor himself.

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