The USA will pay organizations to serve migrants from “Stay in Mexico”

Mexico.- This Thursday Robert Velasco, head of the North American Unit of the Secretary of Foreign Relations (SRE), announced that the government of U.S It will provide resources so that the “Stay in Mexico” program can be carried out by organizations to house migrants who await approval of their asylum application to enter the USA.

The official explained that what is sought with this measure is that the conditions are met to be able to attend to the migrants waiting at the border, according to a recent publication by Milenio.

Roberto Velazco explained that it is expected that between 50 and 80 million dollars will be allocated to the organizations once the program of “Stay in Mexico.”

“They are in a budget process, but we estimate that a figure of 50 and 80 million dollars will be for these organizations,” mentioned.

He clarified that the allocated resources will only serve to expand the capacity to house migrants in addition to improving health conditions and services for migrants.

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According to the SRE, the date on which the program will start has yet to be defined, however it is expected to be very soon.

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