The new hope that appears in Stove Football for Club América


In the last few hours, a new hope for the Eagles of America emerged in the Futbol de Estufa.

America could receive one of the deposits it has been waiting for a long time.
© imago7America could receive one of the deposits it has been waiting for a long time.

The Eagles of America by Santiago Solari are still looking for alternatives in the market for winter passes of the MX League, to head for the Shout Mexico Tournament C22 and, in this way, to be considered again as the candidate team for the title. In this regard, the board is in negotiations to reinforce the offensive zone with one or two extremes.


By the way, the last names that came out were Alexander Zendejas from Necaxa Y Paul Solari of Colo-Colo. On the one hand, the presentation is expected shortly and on the other, that the high command of the institution cream blue manage to convince their peers from the Chilean team that, first of all, they intend to retain the 20-year-old to fight for the local competition and the Libertadores Cup.

But Stove Football and the market in general not only bring versions related to presumed departures or arrivals that may affect the team they lead Santiago Solari, but also news about past negotiations that the owners and the management of the Eagles of America For months they insist on finding the solution.

It is about the already old debt that maintains the Independent Athletic Club of Argentina for transfers of Silvio Romero and Cecilio Dominguez. The figure reached 6.8 million dollars and there are a little more than 5 left. The truth is that the hope of being able to collect, even a portion, arises from the assignment with a purchase option that Red recently agreed with brazil fortress.

That is to say, if the cast of Ceara applies the clause, appealing to the honesty of the authorities of the King of Cups, part of the resources for the deposit that they expect in Coapa. It is worth clarifying that it transpired that the clause is 1.2 million dollars, so everything presupposes that the economic differences will remain for a while longer.


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