The money and business of Leonardo DiCaprio, the most famous actor in Hollywood

Leonardo Dicaprio He is one of the most important and recognized actors of all time. The one from Los Angeles has been one of the icons of world cinema for many years and continues to star in films that break all records.

DiCaprio is 47 years old and has been involved in social causes for some time. The actor has shown his facet as an activist various people denouncing the actions, such as those who decide to fly in private planes or use vehicles that pollute more than hybrid models.

Recently, a tweet related to Leonardo DiCaprio has gone viral. The publication collects some statements from Camila Morrone, his ex-girlfriend, she comments that the actor rented a cinema so that they could both see all the Star Wars movies and while they watched them DiCaprio was playing with a lightsaber like the ones they use in the popular saga of George Lucas.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s money

He has starred in some of the most iconic films in cinema history. Everyone remembers his job playing Jack in ‘titanica‘ and how he died in one of the last scenes after falling slowly into the ocean because he couldn’t get on the wooden plank.

It is estimated that he has a fortune valued at about $260 million (about 228 million euros). In 2013 he received 10 million dollars for starring in ‘The wolf of Wall Street‘, a film for which many of his fans asked for the Oscar, although he did not win it.

Leonardo DiCaprio EP (2)

Leonardo DiCaprio / Europe Press

The film that gave him the most coveted award for actors was ‘the revenant‘, released in December 2015. In this film DiCaprio gave a performance full of nuances, although he had few lines of script.

For his popular role in ‘titanica‘ collected $2.5 million. Despite this, he signed a clause in his contract that made him earn much more money. The actor was going to win a 1.8% of what the film grossed at the box office, a figure that stood at about 2,202 million dollars, which meant that DiCaprio entered 39.6 million more, a round business.

What does DiCaprio invest in?

The actor has spared no expense to purchase several properties. Years ago he spent $1.75 million to own your own island in Belize.

He owns a mansion in Palm Springs that can be rented for $4,500 a night. It is a six-bedroom, eight-bathroom home and has all kinds of amenities like a pool, spa, gym, and tennis court.

He also paid $1.6 million for his Carbon Beach home. It is also available to be rented, although its price is not cheap at all, it costs 45,700 euros per month.

It is not the only property of the actor that can be rented, he has a boat called NITA K II of 52 meters in length that can be used by others as long as they pay the rental fee. $275,000 weekly, not including expenses.

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