Sofía Vergara surprises with her 2000 belt

Mexico. The actress Sofia Vergara, from Colombia and who has made a brilliant career in Hollywood and in the business world, she is happy to share images of herself on Instagram that belong to her past in which she loved showing off her statuesque figure.

And the years have not passed by Sofía Vergara, since she continuously publishes photographs in which she appears in swimsuits and it can be seen that there is not much difference between the Sofía of yesterday and today, since she looks almost the same.

As evidenced by a recent post where she comes out with a lilac bikini and corresponds to the year 2000, as she herself explains; It corresponds to her beginnings in the world of acting and she aspired to be one of the most internationally recognized actresses and has been able to see that professional dream come true.

Said photograph was taken in a special session to promote himself as a model and was taken in Los Angeles, California, United States, says the celebrity. And Sofía impacts with such an image, since her marked abdomen is seen and she shows off her sculptural figure with a smile.

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Let us remember that Sofía Vergara, who began her career as an actress and model in her native Colombia, then in the United States, in Miami, Florida, specifically, and has also been able to work in Mexico; She currently lives in Los Angeles, California, since she is married to fellow actor Joe Manganiello.

Since 2009, she has worked as an actress for the humorous series Modern Family, which had eleven seasons and went off the air in April 2020, but made her take off to fame and was able to become the highest paid actress on television for a while. in that country.

Sofía has a brilliant career as a model, businesswoman and actress in Hollywood, she is also the winner of multiple SAG awards; She has been nominated for the Golden Globe, the Emmy, the Satellite Awards and also has a People’s Choice Award, among other recognitions in her artistic career.

According to information in different news portals, the Colombian was placed during 2020 as the best paid, surpassing her rivals in the world of cinema, according to the annual classification of Forbes magazine published in recent days.

And it has been made public that Sofia would have obtained about 43 million dollars in the last 12 months, for which she was ahead on the podium of Angelina Jolie, who would have obtained 35 million dollars in profit, and also of the actress Gal Gadot , whose earnings are estimated to have been $31 million.

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