So are Billie Eilish’s new Air Jordans

Not only Rosalía designs ‘Nikespardenyes’ for the totemic ‘swoosh’ brand. Her friend, billie eilish, has just announced a collaboration with the model that has given Nike the most joy, the air jordan, created to the greater glory of Michael Jordan in 1984. Those of the generation z diva, who declares himself an unconditional fan of the NBA star, will be two and will be named Air Jordan 1KO Y air jordan, to which more galactic. On sale from September 27, through the artist online store, and on September 30, on the Nike website, the sneakers also comply with one of the commandments of the philosophy of the singer of ‘Happier than ever’, since footwear is 100% vegan with more than 20% recycled material.

“It has been such an incredible, surreal and overwhelming experience creating these shoes,” says the young diva, who last week was one of the most applauded stars in the met gala, which he attended with a spectacular look Marilyn Monroe, at the antipodes of the XL and sporty style that she usually wears. In fact, there are several Nike models that we have seen her with in recent years, including the Air Jordan 4 that until now seemed to be her favorite. But apparently that was not the case.

The 15 has actually been my favorite Jordan since I knew what Jordans were”, recalls in a video the singer who despite her young age, 19, has already accumulated seven Grammy awards. At home they were not rich [es hija de padre músico y madre actriz, “¡pero que trabajaba!”, deja bien claro ella misma en su álbum de fotos autobiográfico ‘By Billie Eilish’ (Montena)] and he says that for a long time he asked for that model in black and red. “When I got it I was so happy I looked at it like it was a million dollars sitting in front of me,” she says.

The Air Jordan 15 Originals They went on sale when Jordan retired for the second time in the 1997-98 season, and at first they looked weird. The mythical ’23’ never got to put them on. they had a lovecraft gothic style that were far from the original boot model, so its design has been one of the most controversial, a model loved and hated in equal parts. Inspired by the ‘X-15’ fighter plane, 20 years later they look very current today, with lines that seem to be inspired by postmodern architecture. This very different aspect is perhaps what most caught the attention of the young woman.

‘Jumpman’ + ‘Blosh’

The Eilish new version, in a sand tone reminiscent of the ‘Star Wars’ uniforms, they show off the famous ‘Jumpman‘ on the outer sides and the singer logo, the ‘blohsh‘, the gender-neutral human-shaped stick figurine, who is slightly bowed and has his head to the left, on the diagonal line of the shoulder, inside the tongue (his name appears on the templates).

Perhaps the singer’s legion of fans will help clean up the image of a model whose own creator, the Nike designer Tinker Hatfield, qualifies as his “worst” proposal. She knows it herself and admits it this way: “This is not a popular shoe, but I don’t give a damn.” Eilish’s model has a rubberized heel that contrasts with the waves of the boot in the front and midfoot area. In addition, they have a detail in the form of three numbers “23-6-15”, which refer to Jordan’s jersey number, his NBA championships and the sneaker model.

If the 15 are her favourites, the originals are, for Billie, “the best way It goes with everything, with pants, ‘shorts’, dresses, skirts…”. The singer assures that she loves how it makes her legs look. In addition, among the advantages of these shoes, he points out that “you can do anything with them, they are gender neutral -” which I love “, he says in the aforementioned video recorded from the roof of a skyscraper. You can be whoever you want and whatever you want with these sneakers. And with any shoe too. Because that’s your right. And that’s something I would always say about my shoes.”

“A sentimental ode to myself”

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About him green color of the new version of the Air Jordan 1KO, that in addition Shine in the darkness, the artist reveals that “this color is a classic” for her. “I guess it’s a stupid thing from the old me, it’s like a sentimental ode to myself,” says Billie, who before wearing the platinum hair she’s been wearing since this summer wore a iconic neon streaked brunette mane. “It’s like a thank you, like ‘this was me for a while. It sounds a little silly because it’s a shoe, but it meant a lot to me,'” he specifies. And he clinches: “It has my nice logo [en la lengüeta] here, which I drew when I was 14.” The shoe also has thick double stitching on the sides that gives it a textured look.

The tall, clean-cut, air-cushioned original Air Jordan was created in 1984 for the NBA star. They were red and black, and they were worth $65. Of the two new Billie models, the price has not yet been disclosed.

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