Pumas fears a possible fracture of Marco García, confirms Lillini

Mexico City /

The 3-1 victory of Pumas over Querétaro in the end had a bittersweet taste for the university team, because in the feline there is the fear that the youth squad’s injury Marco Garcia be serious.

The midfielder, who excelled in the second goal with a shot that went into the top corner of the goal Washington Aguerre, was injured towards the end of the match due to a collision with a player from Queretaro.

In this regard, the Argentine coach Andres Lillini confirmed the fears that exist among his colleagues, but clarified that they will wait for the corresponding studies to be carried out, although initially the outlook is not favorable.

“The doctor’s first impression is that he has to be taken to Mexico City quickly to get plates Y see the degree of injury; of first intention is a bone injury and we hope that his recovery will be quick and simple,” he said at a press conference.

Now, Lillini will have to prepare the match against Tigres from Matchday 3 with several absences, since they also Efrain Velarde he ended up touched; others that will not be available are Nicolas Freire, Favio Alvarez, Cristian Battocchio, Juan Ignacio Dinenno and Alan Mozo by suspension.

“Me I have 25 players that when the tournament starts I tell them that I will fully trust them and under these circumstances I fully trust what I have. I defend the project so that the boys consolidate and I am going to use them, I am very confident that they can do it well”.



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