“Only a SCUM could invent that”: Britney Spears reacts furious to Jamie Lynn’s book

Britney Spears is one of the most important pop stars of contemporary times. His irruption in the industry with “Baby One More Time” in 1999, marked a before and after in the music of the United States and turned it into a worldwide phenomenon.

With an image of “Lolita” that contrasted with sensual choreography, Britney quickly climbed to fame. There was not a day that was not in the news between the early 2000s and the end of 2008. Thousands of teenagers imitated their dances and their way of dressing. Songs like “Oops I did it again”, “Stronger” and “I’m a Slave 4 You” consolidated it as Princess of pop.

However, with fame and fortune came trouble for a young Britney Spearswho, in addition to carrying on his shoulders the great responsibility of being the Princess of pop, he also had to deal with problems at home and financially take care of his family, especially his father, who was mired in debt and alcoholism.

After shining enormously on the big stages, Britney Spears suffered a decline in her career in 2007, when she confronted her ex-husband Kevin Federline for the custody of their young children and the harassment of the press that at that time did not leave the singer in the sun or shadow, and they were looking for the worst angle of the artist to photograph her and publish in the tabloids with hateful headlines.

Tired of the harassment of the paparazzi, britney went to a beauty salon she shaved herself. The images of the event quickly went around the world and the media called the attitude of Britney Spears crazy, who at that time was going through postpartum depression and did not have the moral support of her family.

After these events that the press described as “erratic”, Britney’s father, jamie spears, put the singer in a guardianship, a legal model in which someone takes care of a person who cannot fend for himself and is incapable of making decisions. Without the consent of the Princess of popThey took possession of all her economic assets and even her career under the pretext that Britney was not mentally well.

This tutelage, which practically kept britney in captivity for more than 13 years, it ended in 2021 with a ruling in favor of the singer. A judge has ordered Jamie Spears to return all her assets to her daughter and end control of more than a decade. However, with freedom, another storm would come for the life of britney: Her own sister published a book exposing the alleged mental instability of the singer, without consulting her.

Britney Spears explodes against her sister Jamie Lynn

Through his Twitter account, Britney Spears reacted angrily to what was written in the book by Jamie Lynn, and among other things called her scum and a liar.

“Please stop these crazy lies for Hollywood books. Now, only now do I know that only a scum of a person would make up such things about someone.”

britney refers to a passage in the book in which her sister accuses her of having attacked her with a knife. “Things I should have said” has not been well received by the public and has caused a shower of negative comments for Jamie lynn spears, who with the publication sought to clean up his image. However, it seems that this time the play did not go well for the younger sister of britney, which seeks to profit once again, with the image of the Princess of Pop.


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