Not washing your hair for days: the trick applied by Selena Gomez, Jennifer Aniston and Gigi Hadid

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For many people, not washing their hair daily is synonym is dirt, And although it may seem that way, there are many stylists who claim that it is actually something beneficial for the health of your scalp and your hair. The changes are so evident that even many celebrities apply it and ensure have amazing results.

From Selena Gomez to Kim Kardashian, all kinds of celebrities apply this trick and here we tell you a little more about the benefits it has.

As a good Latina, the singer has thick hair with a wavy texture. In an interview with Allure, he revealed that he washes his hair every four days and uses dry shampoo on the last day to maintain volume. “Third day after washing it holds up pretty well. The curls are better and retain the product better, “revealed Selena.

2. Jennifer Aniston and how to style it with sweat

Aniston has revealed that she washes her hair every 2-3 daysShe even once talked about her post-gym washing routine. “No, I don’t wash it every day. A little sweat in the hair can be good. It’s like putting on a little product. You just have to comb it with your fingers and it will look good, “said the actress.

3. Only when needed: Gigi Hadid

The famous model takes great care of her hair and assured that she does not wash her hair daily to avoid dehydration: “I don’t wash my hair every day, this keeps it healthy because it’s the way to not dehydrate it,” he revealed to Into the Gloss. Gigi Hadid ensures that she washes her hair only when needed, and this can vary according to the needs of each hair.

4. Talc: the secret of Eva Mendes

The beautiful actress revealed that the ideal thing for her is to wash her hair every two or three days and she usually resorts to dry shampoo if her hair gets greasy or even a little baby powder, which, in addition to absorbing fat, they are perfect for achieving what she calls bed head texture.

5. Conditioner Only: Jessica Alba

The famous actress tries as much as possible to distance the washes, but she has a trick to maintain a good texture and that is that between washes she usually applies conditioner only on the ends. Another great principle that you have to take care of your hair is to try to always dry your hair naturally without using a dryer.

6. Don’t Wash It: Amanda Seyfried

In an interview with People magazine, the actress was asked what the secret to a messy texture was, and the answer was blunt: “Don’t wash it”. Regarding the frequency, Amanda revealed that it is usually three days or up to a week at most and washes it with the basic and classic method: shampoo and conditioner on the ends.

The secret of Kim Kardashian’s incredible hair is in wash it relatively little. “I only wash him twice a week to prevent dehydration,” he revealed. The celebrity revealed that she normally washes her hair every three to five days and on the third or fourth day she puts it into a neat ponytail.

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