movies to watch this weekend

Chiaroscuro: This is the first film directed by Rebecca Hall, some will remember her for her performance in Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona. The story revolves around a black woman who is reunited in 1920s New York with a friend. The plot twist of the plot is that her friend was also black, but at the time of the reunion she pretended to be white. In this way, he manages to climb the social ladder. She even gets to marry an openly racist man. A completely astute script that was praised at festivals like Sundance.

The Trial of the Chicago Seven: a movie based on real events. It tells the story of the riots generated at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Within flower power and the civil rights movement, the fight for the end of the Vietnam War begins to simmer. You don’t have to be a connoisseur of American history to enjoy it, the film stands out for the sharpness of its dialogues.

The devil at all hours: this movie has two of my favorite ingredients. It is based on the novel by Donald Ray Pollock and features the performance of Tom Holland (the last actor to play Spiderman). It is a violent narrative about a family surrounded by serial killers and corrupt police officers. It is the ideal choice for thriller lovers.

Rough diamonds: the surprise of this feature film is the performance of Adam Sandler. We were used to seeing him in the shoes of a comedian, but in this thriller Sandler takes acting to another level. In the film he plays a jeweler who sells to all kinds of personalities in New York City. The tension begins when the protagonist suffers a robbery.


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