Microsoft discontinues Xbox One consoles: Why?

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Microsoft announced that has stopped manufacturing all xbox one consoles, so if you were planning to go to the store or order it online, chances are you the last stock of this console. But,why multinational technology company made such a drastic decision?

a hard road

It was in 2001 when Microsoft released its first video game console: the Xbox, which also meant his first step in the battle of the consoles. then it came the 2005 and with it your second console: the Xbox 360. And for him 2013 stomped with the xbox one.

However, the Xbox One was not his last console, as in 2020 the world welcomed its new consoles: Xbox Series X/S. And that was when the end was closer for its predecessor.

The decision

The Verge website reported that Microsoft decided stop manufacturing the xbox one, this to fully focus in the production of new generation and, where appropriate, is the Xbox Series X/S.

The curious thing about this decision is that although it was publicly announced in 2022, the cessation of production started from the end of 2020, so that during 2021 all consoles that were sold were remaining stock.

For phil spencer, Xbox manager, this step was somewhat logical in the path of Microsoft, since Xbox Series X/S consoles have been very well received by the public, which, clearly, is reflected in the demand for it.

This reality contrasts completely with what he currently lives Sony, as PS5 production has been affected by shortage of chips and components, your strategy is continue ps4 production, despite the fact that it was expected to conclude in 2021.

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