Mexico built necessary actions to face variants such as omicron: Jorge Alcocer

Mexico learned, watched and built the necessary actions to face variants such as omicron, said the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer Varela, by leading the first meeting of the year of the National Health Council for Well-being (Conasabi) that was held in virtual mode.

In his capacity as president of this governing body, he reported that today the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) authorized the drug Paxlovid from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer for emergency use to treat adult patients with mild or moderate Covid-19 and at risk of complications.

He assured that after two years of living with SARS-CoV-2, and highlighted that the Covid-19 Epidemic Risk Traffic Light requires modifications to respond as much as possible to the epidemiological reality.

“We are in new times, new commitments, new visions; Given the lack of knowledge that unfortunately still exists at the scientific level about the pandemic, we have not weakened, on the contrary, it encourages us, we strengthen ourselves.”

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The Secretary of Health recommended the rational use of diagnostic tests to ensure their provision in surveillance and medical attention to those who truly need them.

He summoned the secretaries and secretaries of Health of the 32 states, members of the council, to recover coverage of primary schemes in rural and distant areas, as well as the immunization of lagging, pregnant, 15 to 17-year-olds, in addition to doses of reinforcement.

It made clear the intention not to impose specific restrictions, since no limitation on freedom or the violation of fundamental human rights is an excuse to confront the virus. The main weapons are education, prevention and health promotion.

Alcocer Varela presented the proposal for joint action to prevent and treat Covid-19 infections in the country, such as maintaining hospital reconversion plans; adhere to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health on epidemiological surveillance; methodology of the COVID-19 Risk Stoplight and medical treatment guides, among others.

For his part, the Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, announced that the hospital reconversion process will focus on expanding capacity in emergency rooms and outpatient clinics, because in general, the omicron variant requires outpatient clinical management.

“Foreseeing conversion and efficiency mechanisms in the outpatient clinic and emergency rooms will prevent saturation before omicron,” he added.

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In turn, the general director of the National Center for Preventive Programs and Disease Control (Cenaprece), Ruy López Ridaura, announced the advances in the reinforcement strategy and vaccination modalities.

So far, 54 percent of older adults have a booster dose, 45 percent of workers in the health sector and 45 percent in the education sector. Likewise, 57 percent of children and adolescents between 15 and 17 years of age and 34 percent of pregnant women have received the vaccine.

ISSSTE has enough space to care for Covid-19 patients

The Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers (Issste) has sufficient spaces for those who require hospital care for Covid-19, assured the general director of the institution, Pedro Zenteno Santaella.

In addition, he called on the right to take extreme sanitary measures for respiratory diseases due to Covid-19 and influenza.

He recommended that if there had been contact with a Covid-positive person, keep an eye out for warning signs, mainly oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) in the blood less than 90 points and fever; In case of presenting symptoms of the virus, the person must be isolated for at least seven days and be aware of the evolution of the disease to request medical attention if necessary.

If disability is required, a family member or close person may submit the test, in original and copy, to their corresponding Family Medicine Unit, along with a clinical summary issued by the treating physician or institution, containing the full name of the heir, autograph signature and professional license of the doctor. This prevents infected people from going to clinics.

Zenteno Santaella announced that, in order to speed up care for beneficiaries at this stage of the pandemic, the Health Regulations Directorate and the Information Technology Subdirectorate are working in coordination on two projects that will break the chains of contagion and reduce the agglomeration of patients in medical units, which will be launched next week and the Institute will inform in a timely manner of its application and progress.

The first project is the AsIsssteCOVID Call Center (Telephone Attention Center) line, which will provide care to rights holders with suspected and confirmed Covid-19, to provide appointment service in clinics and telephone contact center, specifically for respiratory problems.

The second, Trámite Digital Dispensa COVID-19, which will issue a work permit to be absent to the entitlement infected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, automatically for seven days as established by the Standardized Guideline for epidemiological and laboratory surveillance of viral respiratory disease, issued by the Ministry of Health and available at

Derived from the increase in infections by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, some first-level medical units have been saturated by patients seeking to obtain medical licenses and/or disabilities, such as the case of the “Ermita” Family Medicine Clinic, where There was an increase of more than 100 percent in the request for consultations due to Covid-19.

“This saturation is due to the fact that a large part of our medical team has been infected, and the increase in the demand for services for respiratory diseases,” he said.



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