Luis García reveals that he ‘hated’ Cruz Azul and many of his players

Luis García played in three of the ‘big 4’ in Mexico but he was never made to play on Blue Cross, a club that was grabbed by a I hate sports very big, because although “he was hurt” that they never looked for him when he was active, he also confessed that many of his ex-soccer players disliked him very much.

The Today TV Azteca commentator played in clubs like Pumas, America, Chivas, Puebla, Morelia, Atlético de Madrid among others, but he was left with the ‘thorn’ that with Cruz Azul could never talk about a serious offer for him.

Luis García keeps ‘courage’ for Cruz Azul

In an interview with the YouTube channel ‘La cancha de Avelar’, Luis Garcia confessed that as such The Machine never approached him to talk about a possible signing, a fact that is not entirely bad since he did not like them very much, since he had such a great sports hatred for him, that it surpassed any team in the world.

I was never invited plus It was the team he hated the most. well understood, it was a sports hatred, and it is that I got that Cruz Azul from Patricio Hernández, Luis Flores, from Jiménez, from Reynoso, I got a Cruz Azul that I wanted to kill them, I had an incredible sporting hatred for them, above any other rival, and I liked them so badly that I don’t know if I would have accepted the offer,” he confessed.

Doctor Garcia recognizes that although he did not face the best squads of Blue Cross of recent years, yes ‘wanted to kill’ to many of their players, Well, something had that team that just didn’t like it.

I had to face the Cruz Azules, I mean, I didn’t face the one from the 70’s, because he was just born, but he did say, bitch I want to kill them. They never offered me to play with them, if they had I don’t know what I would have thought, because I didn’t like them so much, I don’t know if I would have accepted the offer. They had very good foreigners, It was a hell of a lot to play with them and beat them, That’s why I couldn’t stand them,” he said.

Luis Garcia today ‘is at peace’ cwith all the Liga MX teams, but there is still that antecedent that with The Machine he does not have good memories of the past.


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