ISSSTE reports hospitals saturated by treating Covid-19 patients

Derived from the increase in infections by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, some first-level medical units of the Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers (ISSSTE) have been saturated by patients seeking to obtain medical and/or disability licenses. , as in the case of the “Ermita” Family Medicine Clinic, where there was an increase of more than 100 percent in the request for consultations by Covid-19.

Through a statement from ISSSTE, the general director of the Pedro Zenteno Santaella Institute instructed all areas of the organization redouble efforts in dealing with the pandemic, with the aim of improving the service to beneficiaries.

The saturation in the ISSSTE medical units is due to the fact that a large part of our medical team has been infected, and to the increase in the demand for services for respiratory diseases.

The director general instructed the Health Regulatory Directorate (DNS) to reinforce the respiratory triage areas, and ensure the distribution of sufficient stubs of medical license formats and / or disabilities, as well as tests and antigens for the detection of Covid-19 at the Institute. In this regard, the DNS reported that both the National Distribution Center (Cenadi) and the Issste medical units have a sufficient supply of these supplies and will be applied in accordance with the sectoral guidelines for the diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

The DNS reported that in November 2021, 5,192 respiratory triage visits were registered and in December 14 thousand 880; Of the latter, 12,975 belong to Mexico City and 1,905 to the State of Mexico.. This means a difference of nine thousand 680 attentions, which represents more than 150 percent increase. In addition, it reports that so far in January, 11,643 medical licenses have been registered only for Covid-19 based on the Automated Registry of Medical Licenses (RAM) and an increase is expected due to infections by the omicron variant. .

Bearing in mind that this variant is highly contagious, more non-lethal, the Issste registers overdemand in consultation areas of its first-level medical units, not in hospitals, which is why it has enough spaces for those who require hospital care due to Covid-19.

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The general director of the Issste called on the right to take extreme sanitary measures for respiratory diseases, for Covid-19 and influenza. He recommended, if there had been contact with a positive person for Covid-19, to stay alert to the warning signs mainly, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels less than 90 points and fever; In case of presenting symptoms of Covid-19, the person must be isolated for at least seven days and be aware of the evolution of the disease to request medical attention if necessary.

In case you require disability, a family member or close person may submit the test, in original and copy, to their corresponding Family Medicine Unit, together with a clinical summary issued by the treating physician or institution, containing the full name of the beneficiary, autograph signature and professional ID of the patient. doctor; This prevents infected people from going to clinics.

Pedro Zenteno announced that, in order to speed up care for beneficiaries at this stage of the pandemic, the Health Regulations Directorate and the Information Technology Subdirectorate are working in coordination on two projects that They will make it possible to break the chains of contagion and reduce the agglomeration of patients in medical units, which will be launched next week and the Institute will inform in a timely manner of its application and progress.

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The first project is the AsIsssteCovid Call Center line, which will provide care to beneficiaries with suspected and confirmed Covid-19 to provide appointment service in clinics and telephone contact center, specifically for respiratory problems.

The second, Digital Procedure Dispensates Covid-19, which will issue a work permit to be absent to the entitlement infected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, automatically for seven days as established by the Standardized Guideline for epidemiological and laboratory surveillance of viral respiratory disease, issued by the Ministry of Health.

With these projects we solve the demand, as well as the issuance of medical appointments and licenses; further, Illegal actions are combated, such as the sale of tokens in the attention units.

“Our priority is the health of each one of the 13.5 million rights holders, so we are working to solve and implement improvements in the medical service with the quality and efficiency that State workers deserve,” he concluded.

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