Insurers with the highest number of claims, according to Condusef

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The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) revealed what were theace insurers with the highest number of claims regarding the number of insured risks of auto insurance as of the third quarter of 2021.

In that period, the insurance companies with more claims per 100 thousand risks they were Mapfre, with 48; Zurich, with 47; and Chubb, with 41.

“The industry average is 23 claims for every 100,000 risks insured in the third trimester; while in the second quarter it was 22″, detailed the Condusef through a statement.

Meanwhile, the resolution favorable to complaints in auto insurance was 13 percent,”standing out among those that resolve more in your favor: Seguros Afirme with 43 percent, Zurich with 21 percent and Mapfre with 20 percent”.

Regarding the second quarter of 2021, Seguros Afirme, Zurich and Mapfre increased their favorable resolution, “while BBVA Seguros and Seguros Banorte reduced it.”

As for the time it takes for insurers to resolve a claim against the CondusefAs of the third quarter of 2021, the industry average in auto insurance was 19 business days, while in the second quarter it was 26.

“The Insurers that took the least time to resolve the complaint were: BBVA Seguros with 11 days on average, followed by Grupo Nacional Provincial and Axa with 15 days on average. Regarding the second quarter, Seguros Afirme increased the time it takes to respond,” he added.

Are you going to take out insurance for your car?

According to the Condusef, Aspects you should take into account when hiring insurance for your car are the following:

  • Know all the information about the car you want to insure, “since the model and equipment means that the price may vary.”
  • Find the coverage that best suits your needs, according to how you use the car.
  • Compare features, costs and benefits before hiring, for this you can use the different comparators that exist in the market.
  • Find the option and method of payment of the premium that suits your budget and ability to pay (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually).



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