Haircuts 2022: Anne Hathaway teaches us how to use long frayed bangs that rejuvenates the face

We love the new look of Anne Hathaway that makes us see that the years do not pass by her, because she looks younger than ever. Without a doubt, the beautiful actress has a style as elegant as that of her character Andy in the movie “The Devil Wears Fashion”. If you’re thinking of getting a new haircut in 2022, then We show you how to recreate the long frayed fringe that rejuvenates the face. Take note!

What is Anne Hathaway’s messy bangs like?

This type of fringe is completely irregular, you can play with it and style it as you want, the best thing is that it also takes up to 10 years off you. It is the ideal haircut for women looking for a chic and very youthful look. It has a touch that also reminds us of the French fringe.

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Anne Hathaway is setting one of the trends that will be most popular throughout the year 2022, as this type of frayed bangs is too easy to style and you can style it however you want.

How to do Anne Hathaway’s disheveled bangs?

It’s very simple, you just have to divide your hair into sections in the part of your forehead and start cutting it by grabbing small strands of fringe, the funniest and longest part will be on the sides of your face that will look perfectly when you make an updo with ponytail like that of the beautiful Anne Hathaway. Here we leave you a tutorial so you can have a better idea of ​​how to cut your tattered fringe from home.

Remember that if you are not so sure about doing it from home, it is better to go to a beauty professional, because they will know your type of face and how to adapt this wonderful style inspired by Anne Hathaway. Do you dare to try it?

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