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The match was expected to Golden State Warriors Y chicago bulls this Friday was a spectacular meeting beyond the casualties of Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, but it ended up being a game that was resolved at halftime.

Golden State, which preserved Thompson to be a back-to-back and still does not have Green due to a muscular discomfort in one leg, was reunited with his best form and defeated Chicago 138-96 at the United Center, extending his streak of games without falling against the Bulls to 10.

The difference between the runners-up in the Western Conference (31-11 record for Warriors) and the Eastern Conference leaders (27-13 for Chicago) was abysmal, with a brilliant display from Golden State on defense to sign a second quarter of 41-19 and go to halftime winning by 30 points difference. The lead was later extended to 41 points in the closing, because even the California substitutes controlled the match against Chicago in the final.

The game’s top scorer was rookie Jonathan Kuminga, author of 25 points and 3 blocks in 25 minutes shooting 10-12 from the field: the 19-year-old, 100-day-old boy was key in the second period and with his energy he was a steamroller that went over some Bulls that in the beginning of the game they lost Zach LaVine to a left knee injury that does not seem to be serious but that prevented him from continuing on the court.

Kuminga wasn’t the only Warriors standout: jordan poole added 22 points with 5-9 in triples, Andrew Wiggins contributed 21 points, 6 assists and 4 rebounds and Stephen Curry added 19 points on 4-for-10 3-point shooting. Also the Mexican Juan Toscano-Anderson he was relegated in the rotation but still played 14 minutes, recording a record of 4 points, one assist and one rebound. Great recovery for Golden State after losing by 8 points against the Memphis Grizzlies and by 19 points against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Chicago awaited his recovery after fall 138-112 to the Brooklyn Nets last Wednesday, but ended up leaving an even worse image than that game. Coby White was their leading scorer with 20 points and Nikola Vucevic signed a double-double of 19 points and 14 rebounds.

Chicago Bulls vs. Golden State Warriors

Statistics | Play by play | highlights

Team 1 C 2 C 3C 4C Total
chicago bulls 28 19 25 24 96
Golden State Warriors 37 41 3. 4 26 138

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First quarter:

Game with a very high pace at the beginning: 14-10 advantage for Golden State that takes advantage of its 4-5 in triples against a Chicago that has problems defending in transition and is sustained by the two triples that Lonzo Ball has already scored in three minutes and a half game. Otto Porter also hit two perimeter shots.

Problems for Chicago: not only do you see how Golden State escapes a bit on the scoreboard (22-15 after seven minutes of action) but a few minutes ago Zach LaVine left for the locker room after committing an intentional foul (although he left by his own means ).

Lonzo Ball’s first quarter was impeccable: 4-6 in triples for the Bulls to remain competitive despite the fact that Golden State played much better as reflected in the scoreboard: 37-28 for the Californians who have 12 points from Wiggins and 11 from Poole and they don’t suffer from Curry being 0-3 from the perimeter.

Second bedroom:

The Warriors flourish at the United Center, with a sensational frontline defense led by Andre Iguodala generating easy points on the other side. In addition, Steph Curry has already adjusted his aim and added six points in less than four minutes. 51-33 partial for those led by Steve Kerr, this while it is announced that Zach LaVine will not return to the game due to a left knee injury.

The Bulls called a timeout but couldn’t fix anything in it: rookie Jonathan Kuminga is slaughtering them. The 19-year-old Warriors player scored 8 of Golden State’s 10 points in a 10-2 run that has Golden State leading 61-35 with five minutes remaining in the first half of the game.

The triples continue to fall for Golden State, which has no mercy for Chicago. They are shooting 11-24 in triples and shining at 100% in defense and thus harvested a second quarter of 41-19 to leave at halftime winning 78-47 with four different players having added at least 10 units: Wiggins is the leader with 20 so many but Curry and Kuminga were the figures of the second period. Chicago, which has the same number of turnovers as assists (11), can’t seem to find a way to match the game and doesn’t have many resources available either, playing with a very limited rotation.

Third quarter:

Chicago improved on offense, sharing more points between DeRozan and Vucevic as it hadn’t in the second quarter, but as long as it doesn’t grow defensively it won’t have any chance to dream of a magical comeback. Curry has eight points midway through the third quarter, Looney adds quietly in the paint and Golden State is extending its lead more and more: it leads 97-61.

At 40 points the difference was already extended: this game looks over and Jordan Poole takes the opportunity to increase his points account: he accumulates 22 in the 112-72 with which the Warriors are going to rest for the last time. It no longer seems that in the last quarter we will see the starters on the court again.

Last room:

7 points for Coby White at the beginning of the final period and the first minutes of the night for the Mexican Juan Toscano-Anderson: little more to highlight from the beginning of the fourth quarter beyond that and the possibility of continuing to see Jonathan Kuminga in what which is being his best game in the NBA.

JTA put his name among the scorers with two doubles and the final triple while the Bulls’ rookie Simonovic added 8 points, setting his new NBA career high with what he added in this closing.

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