‘Finch’ is entertaining and shines more with the talent of Tom Hanks, but it is predictable

Science fiction has undoubtedly been the most watched genre on Apple TV + in recent months. We have had the second season of ‘See’, the series ‘Invasion’ and ‘Foundation’, and the climax has been given by the film starring Tom Hanks, ‘Finch’. Its scenario is catastrophic and on a global level it is not a masterpiece, but even so there are reasons to watch this movie.

A robot, a dog and bad prospects

First of all, let’s clarify a key fact to reassure everyone: in the movie there is a dog, and nothing happens to the dog. More than one person has told me that they don’t want to see any movie or series in which dogs appear having a bad time and I totally understand. Fortunately we are not in one of those cases.

What stands out from ‘Finch’ is, without a doubt, its protagonist. Tom Hanks does well as the man who has survived a solar storm that has shattered the planet’s climate, rendering it arid and unable to grow crops again. Along with his dog and a robot he builds to lend him a hand, they seek to survive what is now a desolate Earth.

The feeling of positivity, optimism in the face of a bleak outlook, is one of the best assets of ‘Finch’ and a reflection of how we must face the pandemic

The message it conveys, the sense of positivity in a world where there is no hope of improvement or long-term survival, is another asset of the film. It is perhaps a reflection of the pandemic years that we have had to face: in the face of new variants of the virus that lengthen the restrictions, we must not lose heart and continue to endure with the hope that all this will end one day.

However, ‘Finch’ does not get an outstanding. His biggest sin is that it is predictable, and you can even guess what is going to happen in the next few minutes multiple times. It is not a film that will give you surprises. Good setting, good premise, good acting, but the feeling is that you’re seeing something you’ve seen before in other series and movies.

'Finch': Tom Hanks holds an unusual Apple TV+ post-apocalyptic movie somewhat artificial in his constant attempts to move

That is what perhaps means that ‘Finch’ will not be remembered too much in the future, although I can say that it is a recommended film for those who simply need to hang out and/or like Tom’s acting talent. Hanks. It’s one of the things that makes the film stand.

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